Ebony captures Ivory's Wanax to win!

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TZUKH is a unique game of abstract strategy with an element of chance set in 1653 BC at the peak of the Minoan Civilization on Crete. The untimely death of Minos leaves four siblings vying for control of an advanced Empire spanning the Mediterranean.

The aim of TZUKH is to capture a Wanax

or force a Palace to surrender - for you to become heir to the throne



Many choices.

Adaptability & flexibility.

Expansive exercise for the brain.

TZUKH improves a child's spatial intelligence.

Design makes people more rewarding to play than objects.

Wanax are very powerful; but vulnerable when trying for escapes.

TZUKH appeals to both males and females from ten to a hundred and ten.

Players have the ability to fight back when down and games always have a winner.

TZUKH mirrors real life with an abstract strategy to chance ratio of 80%/20%.

Games can be won by either capturing a Wanax or forcing surrender.

Who starts has virtually no effect on the outcome of a game.

Surrender level can vary the time for the contest.

Every game follows a different path.

Thinking outside the box.

Daring or safe.


TZUKH has differing forms with minor rule changes


The solo version helps with understanding the concepts of TZUKH plus it's an enjoyable way to play by yourself whether it's on a board, pen and paper or electronically.

TWO PLAYERS - singles

One on one contests are usually the easiest to organize and are great for analysing the structures that occur and developing your strategies. Leisurely two player games can be both mentally stimulating and relaxing. (It is best for new players to play some two player games first to understand the mechanics of TZUKH before playing three and four player games.)


In a three player game, players may act individually or in shifting alliances against the player most likely to win at the time. The most complex version strategically and also the most cut-throat. There's no second place so your friend is also your enemy.

FOUR PLAYERS - doubles

Four playing in two alliances challenges players ability to read their partners minds and work together silently. A fun social game with partners sitting opposite, which alternates turns between each partnership member. Partners in sync. is beautiful to experience!


For more than four players, split into two teams for a two player game with each team conferring on plays. A fun social way for new players to learn TZUKH. Tournament Teams have five a side with the combined wisdom of collective decisions.