Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws, she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity.

Leonardo da Vinci

The Wisdom of Beings draws on all species.

All with the power to communicate with each other.

Mother Nature's game plan thrives on diversity,

always seeking to find balance in vistas and forces

- neither a neatness nor control freak.

Nature is never bland.

The meaning of life is in the mind of the beholder for all life forms.

Only a fool thinks the economy can be healthy without a healthy planet.

Nature is a master problem solver.

Humans are a master problem generator.

BBC - Everything you need to know about climate change in 90 seconds

Scientists are more knowledgeable than politicians.

Ignoring the science compounds problems.

pollination - acidification of the oceans

insects and plankton - the little things that matter

a Silent Spring is approaching

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The status quo of last century is no longer an option.

The financial markets,

most politicians and a

large portion of the media

are in La La Land.

a dozen years to wake

If humanity doesn't change course,

in another 25 years Mad Max will be a reality.

Politicians and media moguls,

as well as CEOs & bureaucrats,

who don't have the courage

or conviction to make the

necessary changes, will

need to be replaced

with people who care

about future generations.

Broadly thinking - deeply musing.

The sixth mass extinction is not something

world leaders can deny being a party to.

Economic growth is trashing our planet.

Population growth has exceeded the Earth's

sustainable carrying capacity of about 1.5 billion.

Financial growth has embedded plastic in the food chain.

Growth is an illegal governmental pyramid scheme.

If money can't be made to work without growth,

money is doomed.

Leaders who fear and hold in contempt their own people,

see control of them and their thinking, essential.

Control freaks are corrosive,

sheep and boss syndromes are enslaving,

freedom can fly... & soar!

Desperation to stay in power

is a telling sign of corruption.

Problem generating leaders outnumber problem solvers.

Those lost in the thinking of last century

would be more comfortable being put out to pasture.

Leaders who promote buying and breeding as good economic solutions

to stimulate growth, need a brain transplant.

Using population growth as a means of propping up money

to further enrich the rich and more impoverish the poor,

while trashing the planet in the process, is criminal.

The money god is a planet destroyer.

Developers are the undertakers of the planet.

The biggest threat to all life, our civilisation and the planet

are the billionaires who lack empathy.

Governments allowing tax havens is an abuse of power.

We must reinvent a future free of blinders so that we can choose from real options.

David Suzuki

If no leaders of vision or conscience

rise to the occasion to take significant action,

the inevitable collapse of the financial system

and the growth of the superbugs may be

the only hope to save the planet.

Tinkering, muddling on, or fiddling will not save our civilisation,

Earth will burn and technology will die.

Barter has productivity built in.

Interest, money made from money and cryptocurrency

have no productivity.

The proportional unproductivity of the wealthy

is a financial social drain on society.

Printing money, gold & silver coins and cryptocurrency

are fake wealth dependent on growth, destined to eventually implode

- art and culture have social wealth built in.

Social wealth is not unique to humans

and existed long before money was invented.

Buying less stuff preempts having too much stuff.

Being well-grounded has future prospects.

Men and the gods have been

complicit with trashing our

planet, it is time to give

goddesses control.

The only species trying to destroy the planet

is the one with money and religion.

Growth is a scam that trashes the planet

invented by the rich to get richer.

Barter, not needing growth, is not destructive.

In 1900 the human population was about 1.5 billion

with a standard of living possible to be shared,

by the limited resources of Earth.

If the sustainable population of Earth is in effect 1.5 billion

as some scientists estimate - that is what it will

end up being sometime this century.

Food grown in soil has the best balance of nutrients.

Discerning mammals only feed their young with their own milk.

To err is human,

but to really foul things up you need a computer.

Paul R. Ehrlich

The trashing of the planet accelerated

after the advent of computers.

Without a massive reduction in population,

our civilisation is cactus.

The environmental footprint keeps getting worse.

Without dramatic changes in direction,

the proverbial will hit the fan within ten years.

Men in white coats will be lined up, like climbers on Everest,

to take away leaders who don't understand or accept

the enormity of the problems.

Ostrich thinking is epidemic amongst politicians.

Less people is the most economic way to create -

more jobs, more energy, more food, cleaner air,

cleaner water and a brighter future.

Quadrupling the human population

in a single century has upset the weather.

The most important unanswered question is:-

'What drove the population explosion?'.

It wasn't an accident.

Anyone who has had more than two children,

anywhere in the world in the last hundred years,

has contributed to the break down of our civilisation

and robbed the young of having their two kids.

An overpopulated world treats workers like slaves,

consumers are viewed as profits fodder.

Drug companies market and promote ill health.

Our civilisation is unlikely to be around long enough for space travel,

reducing pollution and population would be more productive.

Pollution improverishes.

Pollution equates to population.

Pollution can cause foetus mutations.

Plastic could be as devastating to our civilisation,

as lead was to the Romans.

2017 - NATURE - Brain damage and behavioural disorders in fish induced by plastic nanoparticles delivered through the food chain

Plastic in the drinking water may confuse brain circuitry as much as trans fats.

2018 - PHYS.ORG - Air pollution may be making us less intelligent

Pollution may be a greater problem than climate change.

The arrogance, ignorance and stupidity of humans

towards their one and only livable planet home

would astound beings from another galaxy.

Humans attempts to tame nature are futile.

Dolphins would never invent plastic.

Intelligence is abundant in plants and animals.

The best clean is chemical free.

Smart creatures don't just breed to their ability to feed their offspring,

thereby eliminating the need for predators.

Earth is home

to all known forms of life.

2018 - WWF Living Planet Report

In just over 40 years, humans have replaced more than 60%

of the mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians on Earth.

More than 50% of shallow water corals lost in the past 30 years.

A fifth of the Amazon has disappeared in just 50 years.

Humans are a plague on the Earth.

David Attenborough

The natural world is designed with predators

to keep overpopulators in check.

Humans only predators are humans and disease.

Overpopulation and resource depletion create wars.

Diseases target the most available hosts.

Global warming doesn't throw shade on shade.

Plant billions of trees everywhere possible.

Trees are rainmakers, air conditioners and air purifiers.

Trees act as wind breaks to protect each other and homes.

What motivates the slaughter of trees other than money?

Is it envy for anything living that stands taller than a man

or a lack of respect for creatures living in trees

since humans no longer live in trees?

Planting trees and shrubs with edibles is future smart.

Each individual endangered

creature is more important to

the planet than each individual

overpopulated creature.

Peace and love.

Evolution is a needs based system

Eyes evolved from needing to see

Ears evolved from a need to hear better

Brains evolved and grew from solving problems

Human thinking needs to evolve more to save our planet

Money can't buy another planet like Earth.

Earth was a perfectly good planet

before humans trashed it.

Money won't survive climate change,

unless climate change is arrested.

2019 - February 19 BBC Are we on the road to civilisation collapse?

Those with the largest footprint will feel the heaviest boot.

Rome left no toxic waste behind.

Strong local communities will support

each other for food, water and shelter.

2019 - Resilience - Building a world of resilient communities

2019 - July 24 Extinction Rebellion Blog by Rupert Read

Most politicians are floundering.

Our civilisation has become a balancing act -

trying to hold a balloon full of water on one hand,

but there are smart young politicians and their teams

with a powerful vision of hope for the future.

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking,

if mankind is to survive.

Albert Einstein

Purpose is personal.

The universe is largely

improvising to be eternal.

Older, wealthy people with power, trying to maintain the status quo

while they live out their days, ignoring the changes the younger generation

are asking for to live their life on a healthier planet, is extremely selfish.

Young people need to vote for their future and gain power.

A rapidly changing world now warrants influence

being relative to life expectancy remaining.

Bricks aren't always thick,

but they weather slowly -

outdated walls can be torn down.

Indigenous thinking looks seven generations ahead.

Indigenous populations were better custodians of the land than settlers

with laws and traditions to control population.

Growth and money fuel the fires of overpopulation.

Environmental degredation is the cancer of a civilisation.

Shareholder greed and bonus schemes are driving

corporations and CEOs into a life of crimes -

crimes against all humanity

crimes against our planet.

The wealthy have skewed our civilisation

obscenely in favour of the wealthy -

now the golden goose is terminal.

How do you shame the greed

to stop extinctions and land clearing?

Not for Profit may be the only viable business model into the future.

While governments continue to make

financial considerations a higher priority

than the welfare of the planet and all on it

our civilisation will crumble.

To save our civilisation

requires the thinking of young people.

Lowering the voting age to sixteen

would benefit democracy, our civilisation and the planet.

Equitability is in its youth.

Our world will be very different

in the mid 21st century.

Tomorrow may be even brighter than today.

TZUKH Earth solves the world’s problems in theory,

so we can stay focused on playing TZUKH.

Leaders are unlikely to solve many problems

- only society can solve the problems.

All life forms are at the centre of their own universe.

Universal Coexistence Empathy can be a mystery.

UCE creates a necessary universal bond.