TZUKH is a unique strategy experience

Anyone who has played Chess or other strategy games like Go

will easily understand the concepts of TZUKH

but it plays very differently - encouraging more lateral, creative thinking

and enabling the ability to take calculated risks

Chess and Backgammon are the nearest link to TZUKH.

Strategic Duality creates a whole new dimension

Strategy with binary dice choice of Move or Post

generate forks of opportunity

sometimes lively

Players deliberate on a wide ternary choice of

which Minoan to play, where and how

for both move and post

Why determines your thinking

to attack, defend, foil, tempt, regroup or bide

Planning takes into account where the

path forks - for Move or Post rolls

Engaging and disengaging

changes the battle zones

TZUKH is for Chess players who want deep strategies with many intriguing choices plus some of the uncertainty of life

and people who could play Chess or Go but don't - because they crave for worldly strategies embodying the vagaries of real life.

Playing TZUKH has all the benefits of playing Chess plus hints for adventure.

Life has many forks in the road.

Logic with uncertainty stimulates creative thinking.

TZUKH is a game of strategy for life

that can be both serious and fun

A vast scope for making and using memories

Inclusively organic and fluid in nature

stimulating adaptability and flexibility

TZUKH is an art, a science and a sport