The TZUKH site is animated and designed to be explored.

Your curiosity will be rewarded with an enjoyable way to learn TZUKH.

Our homage safari encounters fascinating beings while exploring an amazing planet.

Indulge your imagination, perception, love and longing as your intuitive guide.

Learning TZUKH is like watching an engrossing, consuming movie

with more related links than a Tarantino masterpiece.

You can entertain yourself between games.

TZUKH can be explored using a mouse/pad on a computer or a finger on a mobile.

The mouse/pad pointer will however find gems a mobile will not discover.

TZUKH roving is most fun with a mouse with a wheel for alacrity.

Keen seekers will favor locating the elusive blue dolphin in more than one guise.

Over 700 cool screens await discovery. Secret screens lie hidden to unearth.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Albert Einstein

Images linking to an image behind them, return via their top left icon.

(i.e. The image above links to "The TZUKH World" and returns to "Learn TZUKH".)

The top left icon on the Home menu changes between TZUKH Ancient and TZUKH Modern.

Menu dropdowns, common to most screens, are replicated as icon choices.

Choose between computer/mobile and dropdown/icon.

Appended Tzukhscenes follow menu icons.


Experience is your best tutor

to evolve your playing style.