TZUKH-2D is a print version of TZUKH Solo

Opponents have been randomly placed in the Labyrinth

Clear the Labyrinth of opponents with retreats and captures

Step 1 - cross out triax as they are opponent retreats

Step 2 - mark moves that can make retreats and cross out the triax

(1 to 4 is the number of squares they can move - W is anywhere)

Step 3 - if 3 opponents are left in the Labyrinth cross out four 1s in the Palace

- if 6 opponents are left in the Labyrinth cross out two 1s in the Palace

Step 4 - post your own Wanax (W) and two Irayas (4s) into the Labyrinth to trap opponents

Step 5 etc. - roll TZUKH's Choice and play Posts or Moves to capture remaining opponents

If you capture all opponents you WIN

If you roll a Post with nothing left to post you LOSE

"TZUKH-2D and a pen every day makes the cerebrum play"

5 minutes to what ever it takes to make your choices

With skill and a little luck you should win more often than lose