click on MENU to display MENU

MENU is used to set up information for the game prior to the start of the game and display information during a game.

UNDO operates for a player between ROLL TZUKH and PASS TZUKH which constitutes the player’s turn. Undo returns the player’s Minoan to it’s original position prior to Moving or Posting it. Undo does not apply to dice rolls.

ROLL TZUKH is clicked on once at the start of a players turn. If a player is able to try for an Escape, it can be clicked one or 2 more times if the first attempt to escape is successful. To escape a player must roll his Flags twice.

PASS TZUKH passes the roll of the TZUKH to the next player and only operates once a player has completed his turn. If he rolls a Post he must post one of his Minoans from the Palace to the Labyrinth. If Move he must move a Minoan of his in the Labyrinth.

A control that displays the last 3 dice rolls for the game.

The Surrender Level is set in the MENU at the start of a New Game prior to the roll to see who starts. It can not be changed during a game. Values are 8 (default), 7, 6 or 5.

The Scoring Dice (Sealstone) can be moved and updated by 1 by the next player in a clockwise direction during his turn if the Scoring dice is being used. Using the Scoring dice is optional for non-tournament games.

Player’s Names are set up in the MENU. Clicking on the player’s name brings up links set up for the player. For Team games, Player’s name is the Team name and players are set up for the Team. Players need to be registered to play and require being a member to participate in Tournaments.

The time is displayed for a player's turn from ROLL TZUKH to PASS TZUKH for each player.

Each player has 11 Minoans they can POST from the Palace to the Labyrinth and MOVE in the Labyrinth.

The program displays information for the players during a game as to what is to happen next and other relevant information.