KNOSSOS Labyrinth

The labyrinthine city of Knossos is Kefti's impressive capital and pulsating heart of the Minoan Empire.

The Regional Palaces

Each group commands a grand City Palace thriving with skilled artisans and commerce, central to a province on the island of Kefti.

PHAISTOS PALACE - Swallow totem

Phaistos, nestled on a southern hilltop with sweeping panoramic views of the Messara Plain, sea and mountains, crafting exquisite nature inspired pottery.

MALLIA PALACE - Labrys totem

Mallia, to the north, trading gold and intricate jewellery.

ZAKROS PALACE - Dolphin totem

Zakros, built around a natural harbour cut into the far East Coast, famous for its dyed wool, ivory and silverware.

KYDONIA PALACE - Antelope totem

The western port of Kydonia, doorway to the highly productive fertile plain sheltered by the White Mountains, renowned for its leather, gems and jarred produce.